Meaningful Measures for Primary Care


Washington, D.C. — October 4-6, 2017


The US system of primary care has been on a decades long journey of improvement. Yet there remains widespread dissatisfaction with its quality measures and approaches to measurement.

“Although many of these measures provide useful information, their sheer number, as well as their lack of focus, consistency, and organization, limits their overall effectiveness in improving performance of the health system.”
                                              —IOM Vital Signs Report (Link)

It's Time for New Thinking
Starfield III is a hands-on summit where diverse stakeholders are working together to change the way we measure high performing primary care.

The third Starfield Summit will convene a small yet powerful collective of experts and stakeholders:

  • Those who must function in a world governed by measures

  • Measure developers

  • Consumers who ultimately benefit from better primary care

  • Payers and purchasers who use them to understand value and care delivery

Why Starfield III?
Fueled by advancements in thinking and a critical mass of national efforts to harmonize and transform the understanding and assessment of primary care, discussion will boldly address the difference between what we know how to measure and what we need most to understand.

  • Starfield III is built on early findings from two years of work to catalogue insights from more than 1,000 diverse stakeholders—clinicians, patients, payers, policymakers—on what matters in primary care and how what matters might be measured and used in ways that are helpful.

This conference will:

  1. Create a unified vision that can be used to recognize and reward high-performing primary care

  2. Select a few essential primary care measures that can and should be reported on

  3. Identify gaps that need to be closed to measure primary care

  4. Articulate key principles to guide further measurement development


The Meaningful Measures for Primary Care Summit is Sponsored by:

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Family Medicine for America’s Health, the ABFM Foundation, North American Primary Care Research Group, Virginia Commonwealth University.