Post conference publications

“Community Health Workers Bring Cost Savings to Patient-Centered Medical Homes”
(Journal of Community Health, February 2018, Volume 43, Issue 1)

“A Paradox Persists When the Paradigm Is Wrong”: Pisacano Scholars' Reflections from the Inaugural Starfield Summit 
(Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 2016)


Starfield summit attendee list

List of Attendees (PDF, 28KB)


sunday am: payment

The Paradox of Primary Care (PDF, 67KB)

What would effective primary care look like? (PDF, 62KB)

Disruptive Innovations in Primary Care Payment (PDF, 65KB)

Community risk adjustment for primary care payment (PDF, 60KB)


sunday pm: Measurement

The Intersection of Payment Reform, Performance Measurement & Delivery System Transformation
(PDF, 63KB)

What is Effective Payment Reform for Primary Care? (PDF, 66KB)

Does pay for performance need a registered population? (PDF, 61KB)

Payment & Measurement in the Primary Care of Children: Measurement and Models that advance child health (PDF, 61KB)


monday am: teams 1

Addressing Social Determinants in the Clinic: Role of Community Health Workers (PDF, 61KB)

Teams to accommodate the whole person: Integrated primary care and mental health (PDF, 99KB)

The Power of the Right Questions (PDF, 61KB)

Moving Primary Care Teams From the Frontier to the Home Front (PDF, 63KB)


monday pm: teams 2

The Sweet Spot: Ice Cream Sundaes, the Ten Building Blocks and Advanced Primary Care
(PDF, 61KB)

Advancing teamwork between the medical home and medical neighborhood (PDF, 70KB)

Cultivating teams: How do we support the shift in roles, mindsets, and behaviors? (PDF, 67KB)

Statewide innovations in primary care payment: Implications for teams (PDF, 60KB)



Moderator/Reporter & Pisacano Scholar Guide – World Café & Reporting Out (PDF, 251KB)

Starfield Summit Agenda (PDF, 216KB)

Starfield Summit Playbook (PDF, 51KB)

Starfield Summit Speaker Bios (PDF, 810KB) 

Registration Update Email (PDF, 154KB) 

Annotated Bibliography - Measurement (PDF, 305KB) 

Annotated Bibliography - Payment (PDF, 413KB)

Annotated Bibliography - Teams (PDF, 325KB)

Teams in Primary Care Commentary (PDF, 350KB)

Paying for the Primary Care Function Handout (PDF, 91KB)

Measuring and Paying for the Primary Care Function (PDF, 371KB)



Primary Care Forum (PDF, 55KB)