Advancing Primary Care Research, Policy and Patient Care


Washington DC — April 23-26, 2016


The Summit will provide a unique opportunity for conversation among a diverse group of leaders in primary care research and policy, young and old, intended to galvanize its participants, generate important discussion for public consumption, and enable research and policy agenda-setting in support of primary care function as an essential catalyst in health system reform.   It will embrace the principles of Implementation Science, which seeks to promote the integration of research into policy and practice

Summit planners are aware that the dimensions of primary care research and policy are many and this event brief.  After careful polling of many primary care and policy stakeholders and considering recent and looming shifts in the payment and practice environment, we’ll focus our conversations on what policymakers should know and where evidence is still needed in order to 1) Measure & Pay for the primary care function and 2) Train and Deploy Teams in Primary Care in order to advance Starfield’s work in support of the Triple Aim.  Plans are already underway to extend these conversations to include other topics, stakeholders, and locations in the months and years ahead.

In addition to a diverse array of individual stakeholders, the Summit will involve participants representing a host of Primary Care organizations in additional to the sponsors already noted, including: the Society of General Internal Medicine, the Society the North American Primary Care Research Group, the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and others.

Sponsored by:

Robert Graham Center, Pisacano Leadership Foundation, Family Medicine for America's Health,
& The ABFM Foundation